Impacting Generations  – One Life at a Time

The institutions of marriage, family and the church continue to face opposition undermining relationships. Experiences that come against our very identity often serve as defining moments for our future growth. However, in spite of these obstacles, as has been the case throughout history, God still reaches down to restore hope for us, in a life that overcomes. It is in those moments, as He meets us where we are, that we experience a “GracePointe”, a personal encounter with a loving God resulting in “change for good”.

The Mission of GracePointe is first, to provide Biblical counseling and ministry resources to at-risk youth and their families. After 20 years of picking up the pieces of broken families, the passion in Rob and Rosemary Nelson has never been greater to see children, youth, and their families impacted by the love of Christ. Secondly, in an effort to maximize the provision of healthy ministry to those at risk, GracePointe is greatly committed to providing support services to those who minister to them. To come alongside those who have given their lives and families to serve others is one of our greatest privileges. By our joint efforts, we are the reality of the Body of Christ working together to share Life in Christ.