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Yoga at Home

Grief and Trauma Support

Light breaking into darkness, bringing New Life from extravagant Love!

"We want to be available to meet people right where they are, in the midst of their challenges and struggles in life, and help them to find solutions. No matter what the challenges, circumstances or situations may be, answers can be found in Christ and God’s grace is about giving us life, not taking it away. Any solutions that He provides give life, fulfillment, satisfaction, healing, and peace.” - Rob Nelson

There is Hope

After 20 years of picking up the pieces of broken families, the passion in Rob and Rosemary Nelson has never been greater to see at-risk children, youth, and their families impacted by the love of Christ. GracePointe seeks to be a vessel for that love “in action”, for Christ to be known, the love of the Father found, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit experienced, resulting in lives truly transformed. It is there that crisis and trauma are turned into a gateway to Life that is found in coming to know who we are, in Him.


Trauma-informed Discipleship Counseling, Life Coaching, and Consultation for At-Risk Children, Youth and Families is available throughout our service network. (Services include Trauma Resolution, Mentoring Development and Implementation, Support Groups, Training, Parenting Classes, Advocacy & Liaison Services, Resource & Referral).

It is vital to make application of the truths of Salvation in addressing the emotional and mental needs of those at-risk as well as their spiritual condition. Our goal is to help others to know Christ, understand their identity in Christ, process the trauma, pain and loss experienced in life that often become our “defining moments”, and come to experience health, freedom, and fruitfulness in Christ. We continue a collaborative effort with local ministries, community churches, and organizations to provide adequate services.

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