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Books 4 Life


Do You Think I’m Beautiful? – Angela Thomas

Strong Women/Soft Hearts – Paula Rinehart

Lies Women Believe – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The Power of a Praying Wife – Stormie O’Martian

The Ultimate Makeover – Sharon Jaynes

The Feminine Journey: Understanding the Biblical Stages of a Woman's Life – Cynthia & Bob Hicks

The Confident Woman – Anabel Gillham



Wild at Heart – John Eldredge

The Power of a Praying Husband – Stormie O’Martian

The Masculine Journey: Understanding the Six Stages of Manhood – Bob Hicks & John Trent



The Rest of the Gospel – Dan Stone & Greg Smith

Saving Life of Christ - Ian Thomas

Handbook to Happiness - Charles Solomon

Classic Christianity – Bob George

Grace Walk – Steve McVey

Lifetime Guarantee – Bill Gillham

Healing Grace: Finding a Freedom from the Performance Trap  – David Seamands (out of print)

Grace Works – Dudley Hall

Birthright – David Needham

God’s Best Kept Secret – Mark Maulding

He Loves Me – Wayne Jacobsen

If Jesus Loves Me, Why Isn't This Working - David Gregory



Loving Our Kids On Purpose – Danny Silk

Families Where Grace is in Place – Jeff Van Vonderen

Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility – Foster W. Cline & Jim Fay

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic – Foster W. Cline & Jim Fay

Have a New Kid in Five Days – Dr. Kevin Leman

She Calls Me Daddy – Robert Wolgemuth

Sticking With Your Teen – Joe White

Joy-filled Parenting – Barbara Moon



Defeating Dark Angels – Charles H. Kraft

Spiritual Warfare for the Wounded – Dr. Mark Johnson (out of print)

Ministering the Steps to Freedom in Christ – Dr. Neil Anderson (has steps to freedom for all ages)

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground – Jim Logan


Going Deeper With God

The Life That Wins - Watchman Nee

The Sacred Romance – John Eldredge

Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive – John Eldredge

Walking With God – John Eldredge

Epic – John Eldredge

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You – James G. Friesen (

Telling Yourself the Truth – William Backus, Marie Chapian

Practicing His Presence – Lawrence & Laubach

God Guides – Mary Geegh

Other Issues

Broken Children, Grown Up Pain - Paul Hegstrom

Tired of Trying to Measure Up – Jeff Van Vonderen

Overcoming Depression – Neil & Joanne Anderson

Victory Over Depression – Bob George

Running On Empty – Fil Anderson

Problems, God’s Presence, and Prayer – Michael Wells

Sidetracked in the Wilderness – Michael Wells

Thank-You Therapy – Don Baker (out of print; an excellent book to put an end to anxiety)


Love and Respect – Emerson Eggerichs (not as a checklist but Jesus doing it through you)

Marriage: The Journey – Anne Trippe

Not “Just Friends” - Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity after Infidelity – Shirley Glass

Joy-filled Relationships – Barbara Moon


For Teens

Lifetime Guarantee: A Student's Challenge to Live the Christ Life – Bill Gillham

Stomping out the Darkness – Neil Anderson/Dave Park

Grace Life Handbook – Grace Ministries International



The Weight of Grace – Paula Neall Coleman


Infertility - Finding God’s Peace in the Journey – Lois Flowers

Moments for Couples Who Long For Children – Ginger Garrett


GP Recommendations                                                                                                                                        Stunned By Grace - Frank Friedman

The Reason –   Out of a Dark World - Lacy Sturm                                                                                                  The Hurt and the Healer – Bart Millard & Andrew Farley

The Gospel (un)Cut – Jeremy White

Experiencing Father’s Embrace – Jack Frost

On My Worst Day – John Lynch

The Shackling of Grace – Lee LeFebre

They Found the Secret – V. Raymond Edman

The Cure – John Lynch

Truefaced – John Lynch

The Birthright – John Sheasby

God’s Astounding Opinion of You – Ralph Harris

Humility – Andrew Murray

How To Be A Child of God – David Howell

From Rejection to Acceptance – Jack Taylor

Healing For Damaged Emotions – David Seamands

Invite Him In - Renee' Berry

The Other Side of Church - Dr. Jim Wilder / Michael Hendricks

The Perfect You - Andrew Farley / Tim Chalas

Christ Our Life - Larry Smith

Safe in the Father's Heart - Sylvia Gunter

Enjoying God - S.J. Hill


Hooked – New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children – McIlhaney & Bush



There is only one leader – And You Are… - Bruce Witt



Release The Power of Prayer – George Mueller

Prayer – Andrew Murray



Who Switched Off My Brain – Dr. Caroline Leaf

Stop Treating Symptoms and Start Resolving Trauma – Denice Colson

Break Every Stinking Chain – Denice Colson

The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk

Anatomy of the Soul – Curt Thompson

The Ins and Outs of Rejection - Charles Solomon



Education by Design, not default – Janet Newberry



The Wake-up Call – John Mulinde

Continuous Breakthrough – Mike Breen

When Helping Hurts – Corbett & Fikkert

The Supremacy of Christ – Rich Ross

Toxic Charity – Bob Lupton

Soul Rest - Curtis Zackery

Understanding Grace - Lee C. Turner


“Perils of the Victorious Life” (Final Chapter of Victory in Christ,                          

            by Charles Trumbull) - google this for a free download

“A Study of the Mind” by Preston Gillham - order through:               

“Exchanged Life” by Hudson Taylor - google this for a free download                   

“Faithful Forever” by Anabel Gillham - order through:                       

“Himself” by A.B. Simpson - google this for a free download                                 

“Resolving Misunderstandings of the Exchanged Life” by John Best -                    

            may be ordered from:

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