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Ministry to Ministers

Ministry to Ministers - “Soul Care”

Relational Discipleship Resources and Support

To provide an Objective Personal Support Resource which has no agenda in their life other than to encourage and promote their personal health: Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and ultimately, Physically. This role, often non-existent, is vital to the necessary daily processing of ministry realities, and serves to promote stability and sustainability throughout.

“Think about it this way: Sending people out to do mission is to send them out to a war zone. Discipleship is not only the boot camp to train them for the front lines, but the hospital when they get wounded and the off-duty time they need to rest and recuperate.

When we don’t disciple people the way Jesus and the New Testament talked about, we are sending

them out without armor, weapons or training. This is mass carnage waiting to happen. How can we be surprised that people burn out, quit and never want to return to the missional life (or the church)? How can we not expect people will feel used and abused?”

- Mike Breen

This quote clearly sums up the need and Biblical premise for the comprehensive M2M strategy to come alongside minsters on the front lines for the long-haul.

Right Side Up:  It will always be the primary objective of Soul Care to point others to Christ and the Gospel of Grace, whatever the circumstance, situation, or need in life might be. Ministry leaders are most effective through authenticity and humility. It seems evident throughout scripture that God-called leaders experience and express the life of Christ, most powerfully in trying times. Therefore, leaders need daily encouragement and exhortation as well to believe and trust in the Lord when their world often seems “upside down”. Leaders, too, who continue to be in process, and as did the believers in 2 Peter 1:12, need to be reminded daily of “what they know and Who is in them”.  For God is working in and through us all to put things “Right Side Up” - working all things together for our good.

M2M Soul Care seeks to simply cooperate with this work of the Holy Spirit in the Restoring of the Soul, the Renewing of the Mind, and the Edifying of the Spirit, as together we serve as a living testimony of God’s Grace.

It is of the most importance therefore to provide a personal and highly relational resource to our ministry leaders which naturally promotes personal and ministry health: that which, in turn, maximizes fruit and is carried forth with great integrity and stewardship. 


Discipleship Counsel and Support                                                                                                                  

Enlightening / Equipping / Empowering

  • To Encourage,  Exhort, and Promote Personal and Organizational Health and Wholeness

  • To Foster and Strengthen healthy Personal & Ministry Relationships: with other ministries, organizations: Churches, Para-church,         Caregivers, Crisis managers, Helping Professions, Clients, Funding Sources

  • To Initiate and Facilitate Support Systems:  Partnerships & Collaboration / Teams / Networks   Resources / Man-power / Services / Rest - - Setting / Relief

  • To Connect Clients and Investors to local ministry objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Soul Care Support Services

GracePointe is uniquely equipped to relate and serve through their own authentic “In-the-trenches” Ministry Experience. ”. 

It is vital in serving leaders to have someone who is  sensitive to their personal and ministry realities and needs. Leaders respond when they know someone can relate, is genuine, and is “Like-Minded”.

Likewise when trustworthy relationships are established and nurtures over time,  when needs arises, whether mentally, emotionally, or spiritually; be it for crisis intervention or just counsel;  they know they have someone available with whom they can openly process their personal, work-related and other life issues, should they desire.

All Soul Care is centered in Christ-centered discipleship as ministers maintain a vital position to be scripturally discipled while discipling others. We offer Spirit-led guidance and counsel and serve to further connect them to healthy resources and support for any issues they may have. We offer counsel and resource assistance to the families of the leaders and their ministry affiliates as well.  (We are not professional counselors, but some training in related fields is most helpful for necessary listening and processing skills and an understanding of the ministry environment as we point them to The Counselor.)

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