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“I grew up in a Christian home, had great Christian parents who 'lived' it, been VERY involved in church as a family, but lately, especially with 4 teenagers, I've been so tired of 'trying to please God' and feeling like I've failed again!  What you've taught in class are concepts I've grown up hearing and thought I understood. I don't believe I ever really understood who I am in Christ. It's like blinders have just been pulled off!!” - Church Member


This week has been such a blessing to my heart and my life. I found my joy and I found hope that I had lost in the storms of my life. I have renewed my strength in the Lord and as I mount up with wings like eagles I feel the weariness exiting my body. Freedom in Christ. (Galatians 5:1) You guys are so much like "old friends" to me. I will forever be grateful to God for the storms that led me to your home, to this place. Thank you for being the messengers. Know that I have listened and have truly heard the Lord. In the garden of my life, all the Nelson's are roses! A beautiful bouquet sent to me by God himself and the card read.......with love! - A Mom

Life by Design

“Your ministry is vital to the building of the body because of the "silo" mentality found in the non-profit world which so often can breed competition for donors, for awareness, even for perceived legitimacy and purpose. This stems from a desire to create an identity for the leader and for the ministry served.  That outward identity, the outward "brand", that leadership "persona", which the leader seeks to create, is threatened when traumatic events occur, both personally and professionally.  Ultimately, the problem is leaders, even ministry leaders, (as in all humanity) do not find our identity in Christ and we are not led by (or we do not fully submit to the leadership of) the Holy Spirit.  Without these, there can be no unity in the body.  Without these, ministries will not seek to cooperate or collaborate as the body should.  Therefore, your ministry is critical to the building up of the body for the work of the saints as you call and counsel others toward identity in Christ and the Spirit-led life of the believer/leader.”

- Business Leader

A GracePointe

“At that particular time, I felt very alone in how to juggle all the new responsibilities and really desired to connect with other women executive directors. I was finding that my friends from my "before life" truly couldn't relate to what I was and still am going through and I was finding myself very alone. So, on the card I wrote that I would love to have a group of women directors to pray with. Not long after that, Rob contacted me and begin to reach out to me by connecting me to other women ministry leaders through the small group efforts, but more than that, he listened to my ramblings and picked up on my need to "learn to rest in my union with Christ" because of his own experiences from leading a ministry. I truly didn't even know that this one concept could breathe such Life into me, but through God's Spirit, Rob has been used by our Father to help me through this new journey I have been privileged to travel. Rob has generously given me multiple reading tools to encourage and teach me. My awareness to Jesus as my Life has been awakened and I'm forever grateful.” - Ministry Leader

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