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WOW! Thank you so much!

In Luke 17 we find the story of the 10 Lepers. Lepers, representing many of the woes we face in this world, cried out in their need to Jesus. As they simply began to follow His simple instruction to go to the priest, He cleansed them all. As we know the story, there was only one of the 10 who returned to thank Him.

On this day we celebrate in giving thanks, may we consider a couple of thoughts?

I was reminded this week of a couple of powerful truths as I read the rest of this story. It jumped out at me that all 10 were cleansed but only the one “saw” that he had been cleansed. When he saw that he had been cleansed, he then immediately went to thank Jesus. It seems that maybe often times we do not have a true thankful heart because we simply do not see what He has already done for us. Scripture has much to say about what has already been accomplished for us In Christ let alone the many things which have been promised to us and are yet to come. The giving of thanks here is the natural outpouring of seeing, recognizing, acknowledging, “I get it” believing. He not only received the gift of cleansing but he knew without a doubt from whom the gift had come.

It is interesting to further note the final response of Jesus to this man who was once a leper but now had been made clean. He basically told him that, by your faith, you have been made “well”. I encourage you to look into scripture yourself, but this “well” brings in a whole new dimension to the healing and cleansing that comes to us through Christ Jesus. The Grace of God given to us through the complete work of Christ is more than sufficient in all things for true freedom and Life Abundant. In Christ we have been given all things for life and godliness (2John1:3). The love of the Father, life In Christ and the Holy Spirit in us, is His measure of Grace.

May our thanks be the natural outflow, as we seek and desperately reach for and find (see, believe and know) that it is in Christ that we live, and move, and have our very being. Acts 17:27-28

Happy Thanks – Giving from the Nelsons and GracePointe Ministries!

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